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Bear Claw | K299 Bear Claw | K299

Often imitated, never duplicated, the venerable Bear Claw K299 is the best-selling utility ATV tire of all time.

Starting at: $100.00
Bear Claw Evo  |  K592 Bear Claw Evo | K592

The next evolution of the Bear Claw, this tire drops weight and adds performance for when every pound matters.

Starting at: $140.00
Bear Claw HTR  |  K587 Bear Claw HTR | K587

The only Bear Claw radial available in the world. Self-cleaning knobs provide deep down traction whenever and wherever you need it.

Starting at: $140.00
Bearclaw XL  |  K299A Bearclaw XL | K299A

  • 6-ply rated extra touch casing resists punctures

  • Same great tire now with deeper tread.

  • Angled knobs dig into the terrain for maximum traction

  • Center lugs provide extra traction and better control

  • Build-in rim guard protects your wheel from dings/dents

  • Long-range tread compound

  • Available in 6 popular sizes.

Starting at: $110.00
Dominator  |  K300 Dominator | K300

  • Professional technology designed for the recreational rider
  • Split knob design for exceptional cornering and braking
  • Available in 12 popular sizes

Starting at: $100.00
Executioner  |  K538 Executioner | K538

  • Designed for deep down traction, even in the muddiest conditions
  • Reinforced knobs reduce roll at low pressure, improve ride comfort and increase tread life
  • Dimpled tread surface for improved traction on drier conditions
  • Deep rim guard feature for protection against rock and rut damage
  • 6-ply rated with extra tough casing resists punctures
  • Available in 8 popular sizes

Starting at: $100.00
Front Max | K284 Front Max | K284

  • First front rib tire designed exclusively for ATV use
  • Reinforced knobs for superior tracking and cornering
  • One of the best and most popular replacement tires on the market
  • Puncture resistant casing
  • Available in 8 popular sizes

Starting at: $70.95
Havok | K3210F/K3211 Havok | K3210F/K3211

When performance is your priority, the Havok is your choice. Competition-proven and ready to wreak Havok on any trail or track.

Starting at: $90.00
Klaw MX | K533 Klaw MX | K533

Reversible for either intermediate or soft terrain. Top choice for those looking to get the most for their dollar.

Starting at: $100.00
Klaw MX/XC  |  K532F Klaw MX/XC | K532F

Pair this front tire with the Kutter MX K581 rear and you have a highly sought after setup, especially for youth GNCC racers.

Starting at: $90.00
Klever X/T  |  K3204 Klever X/T | K3204

  • Lightest steel-belted 8-ply rated UTV tire on the market
  • Studdable design for winter duty in snow and ice
  • Smooth ride quality, low rolling resistance, and exceptional traction on all surfaces
  • Robust bead protector shields wheels from trail debris and rocks
  • DOT approved for road use

Starting at: $100.00
Knarly ATV | K535 Knarly ATV | K535

When the heat is on and it's wheel to wheel racing, the Knarly is in it's element. Ready to take on the tough conditions of GNCC-style races and have traction left over for victory wheelies.

Starting at: $100.00
Kongur  |  K576 Kongur | K576

Kongur’s light truck-inspired design delivers a smooth ride on the road and aggressive bite for offroad adventures.

Starting at: $170.00
Kutter II XC  |  K588, K589 Kutter II XC | K588, K589

Ready to win, Kenda's premium ATV tire will get you out in front of the pack. Getting to the podium is on you.

Starting at: $100.00
Kutter MX/XC | K580F, K581 Kutter MX/XC | K580F, K581

Ready to win, Kenda's premium ATV tire will get you out in front of the pack. Getting to the podium is on you.

Starting at: $90.00
Mastodon AT  |  K3203 Mastodon AT | K3203

Meet your new favorite UTV all-terrain tires. Part of the new Mastodon family, the Mastodon AT was designed to be the "do-it-all" UTV/SXS tire. It’s got an aggressive open tread design for good clean-out performance in muddy conditions. And the large contact patch offers superior traction and durability on harder packed conditions.

Starting at: $130.00
Mastodon HT  |  K3201 Mastodon HT | K3201

The Mastodon HT tires were designed to be the ultimate trail and hard terrain tires for, ATV, UTV and SXS use. The light truck tire inspired tread pattern makes for a super smooth ride for a variety of surfaces, from hard pack to intermediate. They were made to excel in both high-speed desert conditions as well as tight, rocky terrains.

Starting at: $130.00
Pathfinder  |  K530 Pathfinder | K530

The Pathfinder is a great all-conditions tire for utility applications.

Starting at: $100.00
Road Go | K572 Road Go | K572

Great for hard-surface applications, the Road Go is E-marked for on-road use in Europe!

Starting at: $100.00
Scorpion | K290 Scorpion | K290

  • Provides versatility for a mix of terrains and applications
  • Ideal choice for riders seeking all-terrain performance at a low price
  • Lightweight, easy rolling design
  • Puncture resistant
  • Good rear match for our K284 Front Max
  • Available in 11 popular sizes

Starting at: $28.95
Snow Mad  |  K584 Snow Mad | K584

Tired of taking the winter off? Grab a set of Snow Mads and get to it!

Starting at: $100.00
Speed Racer  |  K546F/K547 Speed Racer | K546F/K547

Whether your looking to go hard surface racing, or just need to be more caring of the turf, the Speedracer is the tire for you.

Starting at: $100.00