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Equilibrium  |  K787 Equilibrium | K787

Trials meets Enduro in perfect harmony! The best qualities of a trials tire and motocross tire all in one product. Super sticky race compound for unbeatable grip in both wet and dry conditions

Starting at: $90.00
Gauntlet  |  K776/779 Gauntlet | K776/779

A go to tire for many hard enduro racers for it's balance of sticky grip and long lasting wear.

Starting at: $100.00
Ibex  |  K774 Ibex | K774

Built for hard enduros to help riders take on challenges with ease and climb like an Ibex mountain goat!

Starting at: $100.00
Klassic  |  K257D Klassic | K257D

  • High quality, value tire sized for most modern and vintage MX and off-road motorcycles
  • Aggressive four/five knob pattern provides traction in a variety of terrains
  • Old school design adds style to vintage motorcyles
  • DOT approved
  • Available in 14 popular sizes

Starting at: $32.99
Knarly  |  K777F/778 Knarly | K777F/778

Super soft and flexible compound to get traction where most tires cry for their mommy's.

Starting at: $100.00
Millville II  |  K785 Millville II | K785

Kenda’s next generation answer to the ever-popular Millville tire has made quite a splash in the Motocross and Off-Road circuits. This tire is designed to work extremely well in soft to intermediate conditions.

Starting at: $60.00
Parker DT  |  K772 Parker DT | K772

The second iteration of the Parker DT was developed in BAJA to get through the nastiest conditions on earth. The classic Carlsbad pattern is back along with an updated compound to help make the ultimate southwest tire!

Starting at: $80.00
Sandmad  |  K782 Sandmad | K782

This is the perfect tire for nasty weather and sandy/muddy conditions. Always make sure have one in the trailer ready to go!

Starting at: $100.00
Southwick II  |  K780 Southwick II | K780

The Southwick II builds upon the success of the original Southwick. There is no better tire for soft sandy conditions!

Starting at: $100.00
Trakmaster | K760 Trakmaster | K760

The legendary Trakmaster continues to be known for great value. Hit the trail and don't be afraid to take it to the road between trails.

Starting at: $60.00
Triple  |  K781 Triple | K781

Developed in Arenacross racing, this is the tire you need for those hard terrain applications. Available exclusively in sticky race compound.

Starting at: $100.00
Washougal II  |  K775F/K786 Washougal II | K775F/K786

The ultimate intermediate terrain tire with a dual compound and new tread pattern that allows for maximum efficiency in a wide variety of terrains and conditions.

Starting at: $60.00
Washougal III | K7102F Washougal III | K7102F

Meet the first offroad tire with Kenda’s Advanced Apex (AA) technology and an all new tread design ready to take on and take out the competition.

Starting at: $80.00